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Effective 11 June 2011

The Buccaneer Aviation Group - Constitution.

1. The name of the group shall be The Buccaneer Aviation Group

2. Key members list.

Chairman      David Webber         

Secretary      Andrew Webber

Treasurer       Graham Pool

Management Committee.  

The Management Committee consists of those elected at the A.G.M.(Named Below) for an agreed term and the minimum number of 6 is required at any one meeting (quorum) to render decisions valid.

Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Francis Wallace, Malcolm Coe, George Palmer, Julian Warren, Mike Birt, Andrew king, Oliver Suckling, Robert Goldstone, Stuart Vaughan, Colin Robinson, Harry Robinson.

The Committee will meet quarterly and has the power to appoint sub-committees for specific functions e.g. social, fund-raising, special events.

All group  business is directed by this committee other than matters when a full vote at an A.G.M. is required under the club rules.

3. A.G.M.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in June of each year. The date and time of the A.G.M. shall be notified to each member 30 days in advance of the meeting.

A special/extraordinary/general meeting can be called at any time when all members shall have full voting rights.

The rules/terms of membership of the Group may be amended by the agreement of a 2/3 majority of the members present at the A.G.M.

4. Objectives.

The Preservation of Buccaneers XX894 and XW544, as living examples of British aviation history. For the enjoyment of aviation enthusiasts and general public. To extend Mutual friendship to other groups preserving or operating Buccaneer and or other historic aircraft.

To provide opportunities for general recreation and or promotion for the benefit of the group(s) for the group members.

5. General Eligibility & Terms of Membership

a) The levels of membership available are.

Senior Member, Honorary member, Standard Member, Member.

b) Senior membership is only available to the owners of 894/544 & some chosen others and/or individuals granted honorary membership.

c) The terms and conditions of membership are available on request at all times by all members.

d) Persons wishing to be contributing members are required to fill in an application form. Either, online or in person and abide by the membership agreement. 

Pay an annual subscriptions on joining and then annually on the anniversary of the joining date. Within an agreed period of acceptance, of not more than 1(one) calendar month.

e) The annual subscriptions should be determined by the Management Committee in agreement with the Treasurer and whether or not a joining fee should be levied.

6. Dissolution.

The Group can be dissolved with the agreement of 85% of those paid up members present and voting at the A.G.M.

Following the agreement of the appointed Trustees the club shall take appropriate action to convert any assets into 

money and pay off debts.

The use of the remaining finances should be indicated.